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The Next-Gen Video Smart Lock

PIN Genie® | HD Camera Doorbell | Night Vision | Solar Panel

Know who’s coming and going anytime from anywhere.

Know who’s coming and going anytime from anywhere.


The Next-Gen Video Smart Lock

Smart Lock | Camera | Doorbell

Know who’s coming and going anytime from anywhere.

Lockly Vision Elite Video Smart Lock

Network Connected Smart Lock | Full HD Camera | Video Doorbell |
Night Vision | Motion Sensor | Solar Panel | Keyless Entry |
Biometric Fingerprint | PIN Genie® Keypad | No Monthly Fee


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The Lockly Vision Elite is an exceptional award-winning Video Smart Lock. Its capabilities are unparalleled in comparison to ordinary smart locks, making it an excellent investment for your home security.

The Vision Elite comes equipped with a full HD video camera, infrared night vision and motion sensor, providing you with a complete view of your surroundings. Additionally, its built-in solar panel ensures that your lock stays powered up, even during extended periods of use.

Installation Guide and User Manual

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View all visitors from head to toe

HD optics with night vision lets you view, record, and stream every visitor from head to toe, capturing the minutest details.

Your finger is your key

Better speed and accuracy, granting access to up to 99 fingerprints in a split second.

No downtime

High energy Lithium rechargeable batteries with solar-enhanced charging provide long-lasting power to the device.

Multiple Ways To Control

Hack-Proof Digital Keypad

Hack-Proof Digital Keypad

Patented PIN Genie touchscreen prevents codes from being guessed by randomly shuffling PIN number locations

Smartphone Control

3D Biometric Fingerprint Sensor

Most trusted fingerprint sensor with Millions accesses granted

Smartphone Control

Open, close, share or revoke access with others via free Lockly app*

Smartphone Control

Revocable Scan-to-Open

Scan the unique blue QR code on your smart lock^ via Lockly app to enjoy a convenience and contactless access, which available for you or any trusted users

* Replace lock cylinder of smart locks for free in a year. Subscribe to Smonet for total access solution to manage more properties.
Also can be replace lock cylinder if your keys are drops in a year. Learn more.

Grant Access Even When You're Not Home

Lock or unlock your door from anywhere using the TTlock app/Next lock app. Grant one-time use or specific time duration access to family and friends by sharing eKeys & eBadges.

Motion Sensor

Detects motion day or night. Sends alerts to your smartphone or can be set up to auto-record whenever motion is detected.

Night Vision

See it through the dark up to 15 feet distance, with added infrared night vision.

Doorbell With 2-Way Talk

Greet people at your door with live view camera streaming and 2-way audio all from the convenience of your smartphone

icons-offline access code

Offline Access Codes™

icons-physical keys

Physical Keys & 9V Backup Access

icons-auto locking


icon-Plug-N-Play Network Setup

Plug-N-Play Network Setup


Rekeying Capability

icons_battery rechargable

Rechargeable Batteries (2x)

Award-Winning All-In-One Doorbell Camera Smart lock

What Others Are Saying

“The Smonet smart lock is a type of fingerprint lock that enables keyless entry and offers other convenient features”

“A budget fingerprint-reading deadbolt——Smonet turns out a credible, Bluetooth-only smart lock (Wi-Fi optional)”

“WiFi Keyless Touchscreen SMUS-AM Door Lock, WiFi Capable (Uses WIFI or wirelss adapter to connect to the internet)"

“A smart lock not only makes it simple for you to unlock and lock your door, but it also keeps track of who comes and goes from your home while you’re gone”

What's Included

Packaging Dimension

210 mm x 225 mm x 115 mm
8.27 in x 8.85 in x 4.28 in

Gross / Net Weight

4.96 lbs /4.2 lbs
2.25 kg / 1.90 kg

  • Lockly Vision Elite
  • Bolt Assembly
  • Screws
  • Strike Plate + Housing
  • Physical Keys x 2
  • Rechargeable Lithium Battery
  • Vision Connect Hub
  • Vision Door Sensor
  • USB & LAN Cables
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Installation & User Manual
  • Doorbell Decal
Frequently Asked Questions

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Technical Specifications

Dimensions (Height x Width)

Exterior: 7.16 in x 2.98 in (182 mm x 76 mm)
Interior: 8.1 in x 3 in (205 mm x 76 mm)

Mechanical Specs

Door Thickness: 1.38 in – 2 in (35 mm – 50 mm)
Backset: adjustable, fits 2.38 in or 2.75 in (60 mm or 70 mm)
Bore: 2.13 in (54 mm) diameter bore hole & 1 in (25 mm) diameter cross bore