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Smonet Smart Lock Deadbolt

Fingerprint | Fob | Codes | APP | Key | Alexa

Ultra Convenience – No more forgetting to lock your door

Secure Wi-Fi Smart Lock Sliver


Smonet Smart Lock Deadbolt

Fingerprint | Fob | Codes | APP | Key | Alexa

Ultra Convenience – No more forgetting to lock your door

SMONET fingerprint door handle lock Digital Remote Control Bluetooth Alexa Smart Lock Deadbolt with Auto Lock Code Fob App for Rental Silver

Ideal for Rental &Airbnb&Ideal for Rental &Airbnb&vacation house, Easy DIY Installation | High Quality handleset, Long Battery Life | Weather Resistant | Waterproof, Auto-Lock | One Touch Unlock | Real Time Record, Fingerprint | Fob | Codes | APP | Key | Alexa Remote Unlock

Model: M6-SWFLH-S

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  • 10 in 1 Secure Front Door Lock Set: The smart lock deadbolt and handle provides Fingerprints/Free App/Anti-peep code/KeyFobs/Keys/Auto Lock/Emergency Charge(USB-C/Remote Control/Alexa Voice Control/Real Time Record.Choose the most convenient way to unlock your doors from these options and never worry about losing your keys or getting locked out again.
  • Unlock from Anywhere: Our Fsmart fingerprint door handle Set with both WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity enables remote unlocking. It is a huge help when you’re on vacation or have a rental property. The real-time electronic operation log provides full control over your home security
  • Make your day simple: 0.5S Fast unlock with a single touch using the smooth thumbprint or IC cards. Auto Lock and one touch lock feature ensures security even when you’re in a rush. Set automatic lock period from 1~900s.Smart utility for every home
  • Solutions for Life Scenarios: Get real time notices from best fingerprint door handle set when kids back to home unlock the door. Voice unlock with Alexa: Connecting the Hub(Included),enable Alexa or other smart home device for voice control.Free your hands when you are cooking
  • Perfect for Rental & Airbnb: Customized your own access codes for your guests and grant admin users to share the management of the smart lock deadbolt for apartment via their individual Phone accounts. Ideal for commercial Airbnb rentals and vacation house
  • All kinds of Access password: SMONET combination deadbolt door lock offers customized, one time, permanent. Additionally, door locks with keypads also secured with anti-peep codes where you can input numbers before or after the correct code to prevent others from peeping. Suitable for front door garage door exterior door.
  • Easy DIY Installation: With high quality and simple structure,long battery life,our smart deadbolts locks can be quickly installed with a portable screwdriver in a short time.No extra hole is needed.No expensive locksmith is needed
  • Quality Assurance: SMONET smart deadbolt door lock provide a 30-day free return policy a one-year warranty and lifelong after-sales customer service. Our professional service team ensures every customer gets their issue resolved. We value each customer’s satisfaction.

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Advanced & Smooth Fingerprint

  • Gain access in 0.3s with just a fingerprint.
  • A great help when you can’t find (or forget) your keys.

240+ Anti-Peep Passcodes

Don’t worry about accidental keypad touches -as long as the password is included.

240+ Anti-Peep Passcodes

Don’t worry about accidental keypad touches -as long as the passwordis included.

Alexa Voice Control

Enable voice control for this Alexa door lock.Free your hands when you are cooking. More compatible with your smart home.

Multiple Ways To Control

Hack-Proof Digital Keypad

IC Cards

Best deadbolt smart lock with handle can be added 100+ IC cards and share access with friends or guest.

3D Biometric Fingerprint Sensor

Fingerprint Unlock

SMONET electronic keyless deadbolt can recognize your thumbprint in just 0.5 seconds, and unlock your door in 1 second.


Wifi Remote Unlock

Smart & Easy APP suitable for everyone. Offers full control over your home security.

icons-auto locking

Customized Auto Lock

You can personalize your automatic lock time, and one-touch locking makes everyday operation a breeze.

* Replace lock cylinder of smart locks for free in a year. Submit to Smonet for total access solution to manage more properties.
Also can be replace lock cylinder if your keys are drops in a year. Learn more.

One APP to manage all properties sliver

One APP to manage all properties

  • Grant admin users to share the management of Tuya smart lock set
  • Add multiple locks and manage locks on the same APP
Check All Records in Real Time
  • Check all records in real-time, always keeping you safe
  • Manage passwords with 1 click
Perfect for Rental & Airbnb
  • Customize your own access codes for your guests.
  • Secure your home with anti-peep codes.
Long battery life with type C backup
  • Long battery life last up to 10 months,Type C backup for emergency use.
  • With low battery alert, always know when to replace your battery.
icons-offline access code

Real Time Record

icons-physical keys

Keys Fobs

icons-auto locking



Remote Unlock



icons_battery rechargable

Long Battery Life