Apple Watch: Open Door With Most Popular Smart Wearable?

The dawn of smart technology has transformed our world into one that is increasingly connected. This comes apparent in our regular encounters with intuitive devices and smart environments. The Apple Watch stands as a celebrated artifact of this digitized revolution. Although it may be tempting to trivialize it as mere high-end wristwear, the Apple Watch surpasses its rudimentary function of time-telling, venturing into extensive utilities including unlocking doors. This article delves into the significance of the Apple Watch as a streamlined, commonplace tool for activating door locks.

Within the Internet of Things (IoT) Framework

The Apple Watch is an integral element of a larger scheme encompassing your iPhone, your Mac, and a variety of your home and workspace’s smart devices. This broader ecosystem is part of the Internet of Things (IoT), allowing for wireless connectivity between smart devices and the Apple Watch, including door control systems. This enables you to seamlessly interact with these devices straight from your wrist.

The Power of HomeKit

HomeKit, an Apple proprietary software, paves the way for this effortless interaction between your Apple Watch and various smart devices. This software facilitates convenient control over HomeKit-compatible gadgets including smart door lock, straight from the Apple Watch. This convenience and security are elaborated upon in the upcoming sections.

Plugging in HomeKit

Getting started with HomeKit-controlled door lock system for home with your Apple Watch requires initial setup on the iPhone before transitioning control to the ‘Home’ app. Once the smart lock is efficiently configured, your Apple Watch is empowered to operate the lock, provided it runs on an OS compatible with HomeKit (watchOS 2 or later).

Effortless User Experience

The combination of HomeKit and your Apple Watch is intended to be straightforward and organic. The hands-free Siri voice commands add to the user-friendly experience. Moreover, automated scenarios and notifications keep you updated on the lock state.

Beyond HomeKit

Numerous third-party apps have been developed for optimal door control with the Apple Watch. Well-received apps include August Smart Lock, Schlage, and MyQ, offering extensive functionalities beyond just lock control.


Losing your Apple Watch—Remotely lock your watch through the ‘Find My’ app on your iPhone or to prevent unauthorized usage.

Multiple Location Access—Your Apple Watch can operate digital smart door lock at several locations including homes, offices, and vacation homes thanks to its compatibility with HomeKit and third-party apps.

Security Concerns—The high-end encryption, ability to remotely secure the system and usage tracking, and two-factor authentication capabilities of smart systems like those compatible with the Apple Watch triumph general vulnerabilities in traditional access systems. However, sticking to standard security practices is always advised.

Concluding Thoughts...

The multifaceted abilities of the Apple Watch extend to domain of security, redefining modern door access solutions with its safe and streamlined features. The traditional lock and key system finds its advanced successor in smart access systems, with the Apple Watch serving as a testament to this paradigm shift. Be it through native HomeKit or various third-party applications, the Apple Watch has indeed revolutionized access, effortlessly unlocking doors to a secure, efficient future.

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