Five Reasons Why It's Time to Change Your Door Lock

Our homes’ security hinges largely on our proactive efforts to maintain a reliable home entry system.Any sudden obstruction or glitch can compromise your lock’s functionality, becoming an unforeseen complication. While several reasons may deem a lock replacement necessary, five main factors can underscore the need. Setting yourself up with the necessary knowledge helps preempt such stressful instances and provides actionable steps when they occur. At Smonet, we’re happy to educate you on locksmithing aspects and reasons necessitating a lock change. So, read on to grasp the clarity you need in these scenarios.

Moving to a New House

Embracing this security measure can help avoid potential risks. Do you know how many people previously had copies of keys to your new home? Changing the keyless entry front door immediately can eliminate security threats paving the way for assured safety. You can now grant access as per your discretion. This is especially handy when delegating key copies to trusted neighbors or friends in emergencies.

Relationship Status Shifts

Changes in relationship dynamics or those holding spare keys underlie a need to limit home access. Unpredictability can come packaged with various intentions – changing a keyless entry locks can help safeguard your privacy and home security accordingly.

Elevating Safety Amidst Unsecure Surroundings

Sometimes, neighborhoods can swiftly transform, compromising your sense of safety. Threats can lurk in conspicuous and inconspicuous places. Break-ins often occur because of key retention by a previous resident. Thus, lock change becomes integral to securing your surroundings. If you’re confident in your ability, you can attempt a DIY installation – but for assured security, certified locksmith assistance is always recommended to guarantee a perfect job execution.

Post-Burglary Changes

Post-robbery safety measures must include a prompt door-lock change. Implement this at the earliest for heightened security, as burglary prone houses often attract repeat offenses. Upgrading your lock helps fend off further risks, and there are numerous options available to increase home security drastically.

Home Improvements and Upgrades

If recent renovations saw professional contractors working in your home with key access, consider changing your locks. This is irrespective of the trustworthy crew you may have employed as there’s always risk of key duplication – why leave room for risk when changing a keyless pad lock can ensure absolute security?

Lock Age Matters

If you’ve moved into an older property, the locks may be antiquated as the house itself. High-broken lock probabilities are associated with older locks. Despite good maintenance, small issues could precipitate severe damages, including lockouts. Thus, proactive lock changes might be a better option for ensuring household safety.

In Conclusion

Life events sometimes occur simultaneously with other plans, which might require a necessary lock change. While there are abundant DIY guides, it’s crucial to ponder.

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