Securing your New Property with Entry door smart lock: Key Insights

Congratulations on your first home purchase! While this milestone brings immense excitement, it also presents assorted challenges. One key task, ensuring that your new property is safe and secure, is where we at Sure Lock & Key can offer substantial assistance.

In this article, we aim to emphasize the importance of changing locks even before moving in and highlight why your front door lock is the fundamental line of defense. We aim to share insight you will find valuable.

No longer will you need to search through your pockets for keys. Modern locks allow for control via smartphones or other connected devices, adding convenience to every day practices. Given their enhanced security features and ease, these state-of-the-art systems are becoming an essential selection for property owners.

At Smonet, we invite you to experience the assurance of having your property shielded by the most recent advancements in smart lock technology.

We present a thorough evaluation of the top smart locks of 2024 as outlined in this article.

Understanding the Need for Changing Door Locks

As you settle into your new house, various improvements are likely to be undertaken to turn your house into a ‘home.’ Amidst these tasks, safety and security unquestionably top the priority list, considering that your and your loved ones’ wellbeing is paramount.

The significance of replacing smart lock with deadbolt or digital deadbolt door lock cannot be overstated. Potentially, an unknown number of keys exist for your new property, with uncertain hands holding them. Not knowing who the previous owners shared the keys with or who retains copies makes lock replacement a logical move—providing peace of mind for you and your family.

You may consider changing the lock independently, but it could be a more time-intensive and effort-consuming task than anticipated. Lacking the necessary experience, tools, and knowledge could result in wasted time and money. So, before undertaking the task, weigh the options and don’t hesitate to reach out to our team for helpful advice—we’re available 24/7 to assist.

Types of Locks to Consider

Given the extensive range of lock options, you could spend considerable time learning about each one. Here’s a brief overview of two popular locks that homeowners consider for their front doors:

  • Entry door smart lock: This device offers remote access, enabling door locking and unlocking via an app. Suppose you’re away from home. In that case, the smart lock’s capabilities can provide you with control over who accesses your home. If your smart lock has an access code panel, it’s crucial to keep your code entry private, ideally away from strangers. Interestingly, with smart locks, although you can share the access code with others, you can change it anytime you want, essentially enhancing your peace of mind.
  • High-Security Lock: Though more expensive than regular locks, these are made with high-quality materials, providing drill and bump resistance, thus providing a more reliable protective layer. Key advantages of these lock types include:
  • Restricted keyway, preventing former key holders from duplicating the key.Nearly impossible to pick, with lock opening feasible only by a professional locksmith.

Regardless of which lock you find appealing, we’re here to assist you further. Contact us anytime, and our team will guide you through your lock selection process and ensure your new home’s security is in expert hands.

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