What is an IC lock?

Frequently adopted in commercial spaces, Interchangeable Core (IC) locks, or simply ‘IC locks’, may initially feel like an enigma to many. With the plethora of lock variations available today, understanding each one can be a daunting task. This article aims to demystify this specific lock type by explaining its working mechanism and outlining the benefits it holds over traditional locks.

The core feature of this smart door lock, as the name suggests, is its key cylinder that can be easily interchanged; it adopts a form resembling the number ‘8’. To effectively execute this switch, you would need a control key. While this task can be accomplished single-handedly, professional assistance remains readily available.

Exploring the Functioning of IC Locks

The staple characteristic of an IC lock is its interchangeable core, which can be conveniently replaced without necessitating the removal of the entire lock apparatus. This aspect makes these locks an ideal fit for commercial establishments, primarily because they ease the process of rekeying.

Should you wish to extract your lock cylinder, a distinctive key comes to the rescue. As simple as inserting the key into your lock, twisting it, and drawing out the cylinder, this process is replicable for the installation of a new cylinder too. If difficulty arises or a control key is unavailable, commercial locksmith services are at your disposal for a quick and skilled lock replacement.

Understanding The Merits of IC Locks

The capacity for easy cylinder replacement without the necessity for professional acumen stands as the primary advantage of IC locks. Financially feasible, these locks offer impressive savings in the long run, particularly if alterations are required. The lock can merely be rekeyed, a significantly cost-effective alternative to replacing the whole lock.

IC locks also lend themselves well to a master key system, facilitating an even smoother rekeying process. These locks also contribute to enhanced security due to their higher difficulty to pick in comparison to other lock variants.

IC locks offer versatility by being compatible with a range of lock types, and their core can be installed on an existent lock.

Delving Into Varieties of IC Locks

Commercially available IC locks commonly fall into two categories – SFIC and LFIC. The Small Format Interchangeable Core (SFIC) is the standard model and is universally used in commercial facilities. In contrast, LFIC or Large Format Interchangeable Core locks are less prevalent but equally practical. However, these require precise measurements due to their larger and variable sizes.

An edge that SFIC holds over LFIC locks is that it can be incorporated with hardware from multiple manufacturers.


IC locks present a superior choice for commercial premises due to their unique blend of convenience, security, and affordability. Their straightforward installation, rekeying ability, compatibility with master key systems, and the cost-effectiveness make them a sought-after choice on today’s market. If considering the installation of IC locks, Sure Smonet is more than willing to facilitate your shift towards advanced security.

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