Choosing the Appropriate Keyless Entry Front Door Lock

Securing your home’s entrances should provide a sense of safety, shielding you from potential intruders. The feeling of security relies heavily on selecting the correct entry door locks.

Consider that over one third of burglars gain access via the front door. This startling fact is a solid reason to reassess your current lock’s effectiveness.

Different fingerprint front door locks are available, varying in styles and types, such as smart locks, electronic door locks, and deadbolt locks. Some locks contain smart features compatible with smart home equipment, while others use remote control and smartphone apps. Of course, some still use traditional physical keys.

Which door hardware and lock type are ideal for you?

But which door hardware and lock type are ideal for you? Let’s delve into it, but quick hint: Door knobs are not the answer.

There are multiple types of door locks to choose from, your primary concern should be best front door security when it comes to any entry door. The safest front door lock is one that not only prevents forced entry but is also durable and reliable over time. Not all locks can provide optimal security, however, you can choose from smart locks, electronic locks, a keyed entry, and a variety of deadbolt locks configurations.

Avoid using knob locks as they’re insecure for exterior doors. Deadbolts, on the other hand, provide strong protection against unpermitted entry. When picking a deadbolt lock, consider the strike plate where the lock fits into your door frame.

Invest in a good door lock by understanding the grades set by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). Use these guidelines to help identify the right lock that delivers high security, durability, and finish.

The kind of lock you choose for your home, particularly the front door, is significant because they are the main access points for miscreants. Be aware of all the types of entry door locks and their respective grades to make an informed decision.

Whether you opt for a single-cylinder, double-cylinder, or vertical deadbolt lock, or even an electronic or smart lock depends on your particular needs and circumstance. Each lock type has its pros and cons, but all aim to provide maximum security for your home entry points.

The physical look of your entry door hardware also plays a role not only in aesthetics but in security. Older or worn hardware provides easy access for break-ins and is more likely to break entirely.

Before you start drilling holes for front door with fingerprint lock on a new or replacement door, consider the lock bore and the backset to ensure proper installation. In conclusion, beyond purchasing a deadbolt or smart lock, the right strike plates are crucial to securing your front door. Rely on a locksmith for the best advice and guidance to ensure maximum security.

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