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Since the dawn of civilization, ownership has been a part of human existence. Initially, it revolved around primitive tools made of stone, but today it’s about luxury apparel, elegant furniture, and innovative devices. However, securing these belongings has always been a priority…

During primitive times, a simple cavity in a cave or a pit in the earth sufficed for the storage of beastly bones and jagged stones, whereas in the modern era, the escalated worth of “goods” has necessitated more sophisticated means: door locks.

The earliest known door lock consisted of a wooden crossbar mounted on two wooden brackets—both fixed to the door and its frame. Innovation evolved this rudimentary system; the usage of a key, which was invented by the Egyptians roughly six millennia ago.

Recognized as an early form of the pin-tumbler lock, the wooden pin lock functioned by lifting pins out of holes within the lock using a key, enabling the bolt’s movement and the lock’s opening. As the key was introduced, pins in the fixture were raised from drilled holes within the bolt, facilitating its movement.

These types of locks emerged as suitable answers to the challenge of unlocking barred doors from the outside, symbolizing an essential element of privacy and protection of personal space. Residences, public restrooms, changing rooms: all these spaces wouldn’t efficiently operate without the assurance provided by a door lock.

With the passage of time, door locks have evolved into more complex mechanisms aimed at barring unauthorized entry. Efforts to eliminate keys led to the creation of push-button locks. Developments in smart home systems and IoT technology gave birth to digital and smart locks as credible choices.

A smart lock offers the ability to generate virtual keys and time-limited passcodes, allowing you to oversee who can access your home and when. It can send notifications whenever a door is locked and unlocked, using fingerprint sensors to inform parents about their children’s timely arrival home. Plus, they can self-lock if you fail to do so.

Though smart locks may sound like figments of a science fiction film, they are very much a reality and offer surprising convenience. Here are a few of the top options available presently.

The advent of new smart home technologies is intended to enable you to revel in the surprises of life without having any worries about the safety of your home. However, with the introduction of foreign technologies, there may be an element of chaos and confusion.

Life never ceases to surprise us with its unexpected developments. A regular workday may suddenly take a turn to a visit to your mother or a surprising excursion to the aquarium. These are the spontaneous moments that often form the most cherished memories.

The journey to a smart home begins at the front door. Smonet is offering a wide variety of smart locks for home that equip individuals with what they need to enhance their smart home security. Regardless of whether you are seeking a stylish lock that is compatible with your smart home system or a way to control your existing lock through your smartphone or anything in between, you will find a smartphone door lock that suits your preferences.

Leave your keys at the door with these Smart Door Locks

Forget the humble key and discover smart door locks, which can be opened with keycodes, fingerprints, smartphones and more.

In order to build a comprehensive smart home that you can operate from any part of the world:

Opt for a smart home lock door that is functional with smart home systems and permits remote access through a smartphone. Factor in the compatibility with your other smart home products before selecting a lock. The Smonet is a do-it-yourself smart lock that is compatible with Hub, Alexa, allowing you to remotely regulate it using your smartphone App.

Smonet also provides the ability to lock and unlock from anywhere in the world with your smartphone, send user codes to guests, and set scenes with other products.

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