Enhanced Security and Convenience with Digital door Lock

Featuring cool amenities like digital locks not only elevates the level of convenience for residents, but it also potentially raises the rental value of your property. In an era where smartphones are an appendage, why not make smart apartment technology just as accessible? A recent study by Smonet revealed that 97% of renters appreciate technology that easily integrates into their lifestyle and brings convenience. With Smonet digital locks, property owners can offer a wealth of wireless possibilities, comfort, and peace of mind to their residents.

Introducing Smonet digital locks:

Experiencing Keyless Entry
The convenience of keyless entry extends multiple benefits, chief among them, rendering physical keys obsolete. This eliminates the chance of losing keys and getting locked out, saving you costs on duplicating keys and the hassle of delivering or collecting keys. The Smonet smart lock spotlights the Touchscreen convenience, making fumbling for keys a thing of the past. The complimentary Next lock app transforms the smartphone into a digital key and also enables locking or unlocking via the app.

Advantages of Remote Access
Did you remember to lock your doors before leaving this morning? With a digital front door lock, residents can control their digital door via their smartphone from anywhere and not live in fear of forgetting to lock the door . The lock can send notification alerts to residents when someone enters their apartment and also track a log of the individuals who locked or unlocked the door.

If increased security, convenience, and elevated property value are what you desire, consider installing Smonet’s cutting-edge digital locks to drive the transition to a smarter, more secure future.

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