Smart Locks Vs Traditional Locks - How Do They Differ?

Until the advent of smart locks, what we referred to simply as door locks are now being termed as traditional locks. The rise in popularity of smart locks has inevitably led to the question – are they worth upgrading to?

In this disquisition, we aim to bring forth clarity to the matter of smart locks versus traditional locks, discussing their pros and cons to facilitate informed decisions about your home security.

What Is A Smart Lock?

Bluetooth door lock or a wifi door lock to safeguard your home from potential intruders, positioning themselves as one of the latest entrants in the smart device realm. Unlike conventional locks that require physical keys for operation, smart locks offer homeowners a keyless entry controlled through either a dedicated website or a mobile app. Its purpose is simple – to allow authorized entry and deter others from gaining access.

A Peek Into The Additional Features Of Smart Locks

Smart locks do away with the need for a physical key for each family member, introducing an array of features when you choose the right one. For instance, it allows you to provide selective access at designated timing, such as permitting your cleaner into your home from 10 am to noon daily.

Furthermore, they can be programmed to send notifications to homeowners about arrivals and departures. The challenge lies in deciding where to place your bets – on standard door locks or the contemporary electronic counterparts?

Samart Door Locks & Traditional Locks: How To Choose?

The new line of technological marvels, the smart lock, provides a plethora of additional security features. Nonetheless, does it outperform traditional mortice locks in security? To decide on the securest option, it’s crucial to weigh the pros and cons of smart locks.

Smart Locks Operate In Conjunction With Smartphones

The beauty of a smart lock is that it can be controlled through your smartphone. With the dedicated app installed, you have central control over your home security, giving you the privilege of remote locking.

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