The Balance of Old and New: Seamlessly Integrating Smart Home Technology with Traditional Home Aesthetics

Mergers can be tricky, especially when it comes to pairing smart home technology with traditional home decor. It doesn’t matter if your home exudes a rustic charm, epitomizes traditional grace, or flaunts a country-chic vibe, incorporating the cutting-edge smart home technology with your established home decor requires a keen eye for detail and diligent planning. Opt for products that exhibit a more traditional design, match or compliment your home’s color palette, and lean towards the compact side. Just adhere to the following three steps and you’ll master the art of fusing technology with tradition in no time.

Step One: Tradition Visuals with a High-Tech Undertone

Refrain from the impulse of purchasing any DIY smart home gadget you hear is trending. The key is to make sure the gadget is a constructive addition to your home’s aesthetic. Hunt for gadgets that lend themselves well to your existing style while offering useful and innovative features.

Consider our one touch door lock it’s a smart lock that revolutionizes your smartphone into a key while opening with just the graze of a finger. What separates ours from other market competitors is its tribute to conventional design. Despite projecting the facade of a best deadbolt door lock, seamlessly aligning with traditional home decor, its high-tech features represent the epitome of modern technology.

Our Smart Code push button locks also come in traditional lever and deadbolt designs. It keeps the upgrade to keyless entry technology simplistic, preserving the traditional decor. Smart Code locks allow you to use a code to unlock your door and can be equipped with Home Connect Technology to sync your lock with other smart home devices enabling control from your phone.

For a comprehensive yet inconspicuous solution for a traditional yet tech-savvy home, look no further than our innovative Signature Series deadbolts with Home Connect Technology. With both traditional and contemporary options, these smart deadbolts simulate traditional door locks but connect to other smart home products and can be operated from your smartphone.

Step Two: Color Synchronization

Another avenue to harmonize smart home technology with traditional home decor is by selecting DIY smart home gadgets that come in a complementary color or finish. If a smart speaker or thermostat has caught your eye, make sure its finish is in sync with the color scheme of your home and room.

This principle sustains for the front door lock as well. When buying a smart door lock, a smart video doorbell, or a smart video camera, ensure they come in the same finish and enhance your door hardware.

Step Three: Size is Significant

The efficiency of a product should not always be measured with its size, especially when integrating contemporary technology into a traditional home. Aim for devices that embrace a slim and sleek design to maintain the room’s ambiance. Smart home technology should serve to amplify a room’s style rather than diverting attention away from the traditional home decor.

With this in mind, we’ve minimized the interior size of our latest SmartCode push button and touchscreen locks. With SmartCode locks, you can revel in the convenience of keyless entry using numbered codes. For a comprehensive smart home integration, SmartCode locks can also be equipped with Home Connect technology that allows pairing of your lock with other home devices, which can be controlled from your phone, without trading off style.

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