Smart door locks vs. traditional deadbolts: how to choose

Choosing the ideal deadbolt requires consideration beyond price. The best choice takes account of both your lifestyle and the degree of security you require. Here, we compare traditional deadbolts and smart locks to help you find the perfect deadbolt for your home.

Lock Security

Taking into account locks with security grading will help you choose the best option. The Builder’s Hardware Manufacturers Association (BHMA) rates locks based on security, finish, and durability. ‘C’ represents good, ‘B’ better, and ‘A’ the best. Most Smonet locks, both mechanical and smart, possess an AAA rating, guaranteeing top-tier security.

All Smonet smart locks share the same security features as their single-cylinder mechanical deadbolts. Furthermore, they boast additional convenience and safety features. For instance, Smonet smart locks have built-in alarms, notifying you of any disturbances. Enabled smart locks also push these notifications to your phone, alerting you regardless of location.

Keyless Convenience

Juggling keys can be cumbersome if you lead an active lifestyle. Fumbling for keys while handling groceries or managing pets is inconvenient. Cue smart locks, which make access to your home simpler through unique access codes.

The Smonet smart lock deadbolt is a premium offering, compatible with Apple® home keys. It allows you to lock/unlock your door using the digital key stored in your Apple Watch.

Access Control

Granting access to housekeepers or friends when you’re away becomes easier with an electronic lock. You just program a unique access code for each person with the additional option to restrict the times they can use it.

Smart locks provide access control via the door lock app that keeps track of code usage, thereby offering better security management.

Preventing Lockouts

Getting locked out because you’ve left your keys at home is a common problem. With a smart lock, remote access allows you to unlock the door for trusted visitors using your smart phone.

Concerns over locking out due to battery failure are unfounded as Smonet smart locks provide low battery alerts well in advance.

Cost Value

Electronic locks might have a higher upfront cost but provide time savings and ease of access that outweigh this initial expenditure in the long run.

Traditional mechanical locks, on the other hand, can also be a reliable, good-looking option for home protection. Smonet mechanical digital door lock are made with premium materials and have customer support and limited lifetime warranty back-up.


Whether it’s a mechanical or smart lock, installation is simplified to needing just a screwdriver and a basic tutorial.

Style Options

While traditional mechanical locks offer a broader selection of styles and finishes, Smonet electronic locks feature a range of modern designs and finishes, suitable for various home aesthetics.

For the largest diversity of style and finishes, Smonet traditional hardware offers choices from ornate vintage to minimal contemporary designs.

Home Automation Compatibility

Smart locks clearly have the upper hand in home automation compatibility, providing a seamless integration into your existing home automation system.

Having weighed the pros and cons of traditional deadbolts and smart locks, your perfect lock choice should complement your lifestyle, meet your security requirements, and fit within your budget. Visit for a comprehensive view of the products and find a local retailer.

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