7 Benefits of Smart Door Locks & Handles

In the modern era where everything is moving towards a keyless or semi-keyless approach, are you still carrying a traditional metal key to open your home? For instance, with a simple push of a button, and if your keyfob is in proximity, you can start your vehicle. This same technology is being adapted for homes in the form of smart locks for keyless entry. These smart locks have become a vital part of home automation systems and smart homes. Let’s dive into some of the benefits of smart door locks.

  1. Simplified Access
    Having smart locks installed on your exterior doors meanskeyless entry locks for doors . Instead, you can input a code on the numeral panel, use your fingerprint or unlock the door with your phone. Some locks can also be programmed with proximity detectors to automatically unlock as you draw near. Smart locks are particularly beneficial for those with mobility issues, such as the elderly, individuals with Parkinson’s disease or cerebral palsy, or those with arthritis or repetitive strain injuries like tennis elbow and carpal tunnel.
  2. Door Notifcations
    With intelligent door lock, you can receive notifications about your doors on your mobile device. This includes information such as door openings, the personnel who operated the door (if distinct codes are set), or alerts for unlocked or open doors. This facility can help monitor the entry and exit within your home and ensure the safe return of your children from school.
  3. Generate e-Keys Rather Than Duplicate Keys
    For enhancing convenience for your guests or visitors who may have to wait for you, e-keys can be created and sent to their mobile devices to unlock the door. This can be useful for pet walkers, housekeepers, and early-arriving guests.
  4. Amplified Home Security
    Instead of providing a duplicate key to neighbors or hiding one around your property, which increases vulnerability to burglaries, smart locks offer a secure solution. The absence of physical keys eliminates the need for key sharing and provides a tougher challenge for lock-picking, especially with keyless smart locks.
  5. Remote Control
    For instances when you forget to lock your doors or need to grant someone access while you’re away, doors can be controlled remotely through your smartphone. This feature avoids the need for distributing virtual keys to individuals like delivery personnel, contractors, or maids to access your home.
  6. Home Automation Coordination
    Your smart lock can influence other aspects of your home if tied to a smart system. Unlocking your door can automatically switch your lights on, modulate the room temperature, and deactivate your security alarm. Conversely, locking the door might activate your security system and surveillance cameras.

Surveillance of Your Home During Vacations or Monitoring Your Holiday Home
If you are away on vacation or if you own a vacation home that you visit occasionally or rent out, smart locks provide an excellent way to supervise your home. You can keep track of your help staff, like gardeners, housekeepers, and maintenance crew. With the help of other smart home features like cameras and appliances, you can ensure that your hired help depart with the doors locked.

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